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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Continuing the Saga…

After we left Ron & Dee’s we headed East across Montana, heading for Yellowstone National Park. Ron & Dee suggested that we travel through the Beartooth Pass in Montana. We followed their advice and saw the most beautiful country ever!


We drove across Montana and then down to a place called Red Lodge. From there we went through Rock Creek Vista Point and could see for miles in every direction.


We started climbing up over the Bear’s Tooth Pass and saw the most beautiful mountains, lakes and wild flowers. We thought we were in the Swiss Alps!


the entire side of the mountain would be covered in flowers like this…



It was July but there were still many pockets of snow and it was very cold!


If you look past the sign, right above the “E”, you can see why it’s called Bear’s Tooth Pass


Then, as we were coming down onto the other side of the pass, we saw them… the most beautiful pair of mountain goats. You can’t see the other one, but there were two. We got out of our car to look at them and were standing about 20-30 feet away from them. We watched them for quite awhile until they wandered down the mountain side. They were amazing!


You can see both of them in this picture…


this was a river that we crossed over on our drive. We had to get out and hike to see it


standing on the bridge above the river…IMG_8958

And then, we finally made it to Yellowstone…


We were hoping to see some animals when we got into the park, and we weren’t disappointed… almost immediately we saw a couple of buffalo and it just got better from there. The following are the animals we saw and one that we didn’t get a picture of was a bald eagle.. enjoy the pictures!


we saw hundreds of buffalo… everywhere…


IMG_9002 IMG_9003


above… standing above the falls, looking down

below… standing in front of the falls where we had to hike down to get to this spot. It was a long hike back up!



who would’ve guessed that there are pelicans in Yellowstone Park?


This was another elk that we saw a little later. Look how big his antlers are and the crazy guy in the bottom of the picture… we stayed safe in our car the whole time!



As we were about to leave the park, we felt like we had seen just about every animal that we had wanted to see. Except a Moose. We were heading over a bridge and there was a big crowd of people. They were looking at a couple of large moose that were eating grass along the rivers edge. Success!!



We had a great time in the park and loved all the beauty of this amazing place. We were in time to see the sunset over the Tetons and then stayed the night at Teton Village



We made our way back to Provo to pick up Brian from EFY and had such a fun trip. We loved seeing new places and travelling new roads. It was all a great trip!

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  1. Wow...gorgeous photos! Makes me want to go there and explore!