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the fan

Monday, May 3, 2010

Well, we have had another packed weekend... On Wednesday night Taylor came home for a short visit. He has been finishing up his training in California for the last 4 weeks and has a little time off so he came by here on his way back to Virginia. Bradley finished up the Winter term at BYU-Hawaii and has been home since April 12th. We went to the movies, had dinner out a couple of times and had the family over for dinner at the house on Sunday night. On Friday, Taylor bought a new truck and he will be renting out his other truck to Bradley while he is in the Baltimore area. Taylor and Bradley also spent some time at Larry & Melanie's house.

On Saturday, Robert and I went up to St. John's in North Eastern Arizona to speak at a Stake Conference. Robert is serving as a counselor in the Tempe Mission Presidency and we are occasionally assigned to speak at Stake Conferences in our mission. This was the first time I had been to this area of Arizona, so it was a fun weekend. Because it is so far away (4 hours driving), we stayed in the Stake President's home Saturday night and were able to visit with his family and get to know them a little better. Their Stake Conference was wonderful and there were several new converts and investigators in the new member meeting on Sunday morning. There was a good spirit there and we enjoyed the conference very much. On Sunday morning we woke up to find it was snowing! It was snowing lightly when we left for Conference, but by the time we were ready to head for home, it was snowing pretty well...

As you can see, it was quite windy! I was so excited to be eating new fallen snow I slipped as I was getting into the car and almost fell!

The drive was long but beautiful, especially this gorge that we had to drive down into and then back out again.

Monday morning brought goodbyes from Bradley and Taylor. They are heading up to Utah today and will visit friends and family for a few days and then head for the East Coast where Taylor will be stationed for a year and Bradley will be working for 4 months. It's been a fun weekend but we will miss you both!

tough guys!

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