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the fan

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Well, it has been a little bit of a scary day for our family. I was on my way out to Larry and Melanie's to watch my grandkids, Noah, Ethan and Catherine for the morning, when Robert called me and told me about the earthquake in Chile. Ben just got to Chile 6 weeks ago and is serving in Renaico which is very close to the epicenter of the quake. I spent the next eight hours being very worried about him, because we didn't know if he was okay. All the regular phones, internet and cell phones were knocked out and we didn't have any word. I would keep checking the Church website and the news releases to find out any information, but that didn't really help because all I saw on the news were pictures of burning buildings... Then around noon, we started hearing about the Tsunami warnings for Hawaii! Our son, Bradley, is in Hawaii attending Brigham Young University and so now I had another reason to worry! We feel we were blessed so much. Neither Ben nor Bradley were harmed during this whole event. We even found out later on when we talked to Ben that his companion actually had to WAKE HIM UP during the earthquake! I really wasn't too surprised, thinking about all the times I had to wake him for school. He is a very heavy sleeper. I am grateful that he is being watched over and being blessed. Very grateful.

This is the outside wall of the church. There wasn't much damage in the city where he's at.

This is a recent baptism that he had and a picture of the city where he is serving. I think it's beautiful!

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