the fan

the fan

Sunday, November 1, 2009

this post is for Richard, my son, who left his aquarium here when he and Nickie moved to Utah and said, "have fun with it, Mom!" I do love the aquarium, but I don't keep it up as well as you would probably like, Richard! I had to take out the really awesome piece of driftwood you put in, as you know, because it was getting a bad fungus in it. I'm still working to get all of that out of the tank. Dad helped me to change the water last week, and that has helped to clear the water a lot, I added some new plants and fish. I love watching them eat and chase each other! Anyway, these pictures are for you so you can see how it's looking these days. Enjoy Richard!

these are a little fuzzy, but you know how fish are!

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