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the fan

Sunday, July 5, 2009

to G'ma's for the 4th of July!

As usual, we traveled up to Aurora, Utah, to visit my mother and my sister, Cindy, for the 4th of July. This was our first July 4th since my dad passed away in October, so it was a new experience even though we've been coming up for the past 20+ years...

Ben & Brian, Mom & Dad made the trip this year and Richard & Nickie and their kids were able to come down for the day to join in the festivities. None of our own children ran in the races this year, but we did have fun watching Sadie and Mason run. I guess the tradition continues!

Ben and Brian sumo wrestling... and the bruises from having fun in the "bungee run"

One of the favorite traditions the boys had with Grandpa was to go shooting at the nearby shooting range. Even though Grandpa is gone, they still love to go whenever they can. They love collecting things to shoot and have a lot of fun together. Notice Ben's interesting form as he throws a target for Brian...

We always go to the parade in Salina where a lot of people in the parade throw candy to the onlookers. Nickie did her best to make sure that Sadie & Mason got their share of the candy, but we had to remind her not to knock the kids down when she went after the candy!

Another highlight of our trip is the roasting of the marshmallows in the firepit for s'mores.
Great Grandma always manages the marshmallows, crackers and chocolate

We dig a pit in the backyard, roast our marshmallows, then after the fire is out we fill in the pit and leave it till next year. This year we got a little too close to the internet lines that are buried in the ground and we burned the cables! G'ma and Cindy were without internet for a few days, but luckily they quickly figured out where the problem was.

You can see that Mason is quickly catching on to how a s'more is eaten. I loved watching the transformation of his face from "very clean" to "what chocolate?"
He had that s'more everywhere but in his mouth for several minutes...

We took the opportunity to go visit my dad´s grave on Sunday after church

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