the fan

the fan

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring is here!

Actually, living in AZ, I'm never really sure when Spring arrives, but it's April so it should be Spring...

We attended a Lacrosse game with Brian yesterday and even though they lost, we had a good time. Brian loves playing because he gets to hit other guys and he makes some great plays. He almost scored in a game last week, which is impressive because he is a defender and usually doesn't get near the goal. Anyway, he loves it and we love going to the games and watching him play.

We also regularly attend Lindsay's soccer games and enjoy that as well. She has been playing soccer since she was about 8 and has played on an adult co-ed team for the last 2-3 years.

We planted a garden this year and we must be doing something right! We cleared out a spot in our backyard that had rocks and some dead plants in it. It gets just the right amount of sun and we'll make some improvements in the watering next year, but for now it's been doing so well! We collect fresh lettuce and spinach every day and we've enjoyed the broccoli for the last week and a half. Next week we will dine on cauliflower and soon our tomatoes, zucchini, green beans and potatoes will be ready to harvest. We've had gardens before, but never this successful. I never thought in a million years that I could grow a cauliflower! There is a deep sense of amazement and accomplishment in watching the little tiny plants that we put in the ground a few weeks ago develop into food that is nourishing to our bodies and our spirits! I love it!


  1. So why was I thinking that you guys had 10 kids? On your profile it says you only have 9? Maybe I am remembering your license plate that said 10 for BYU? Anyway, it is fun to see what your family is up to, I didn't realize that Kelly was re-married let alone divorced?
    Hopefully that is a better situation for her. I am impressed with your garden; I am trying to help John see the benifits of a garden but all he remebers as a kid are all the hours of weeding and having nothing but potatoes to show for it. I think I will start with a tomatoe and strawberry plant in my flower garden this year. It is cool that you are into the whole blogging and face book thing! You and Robert are such a great example to me of what an ideal family is and how to do it right! With a lot of hard work I/we hope to someday accomplish the gratrness that you guys have.
    Thanks for your powerful example!

  2. Great job on the gardening! This will be the third year we have done a garden. I love eating and canning the food that we have grown. Quite an accomplishment!