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the fan

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Goals Realized

This has been a very eventful week for our family.
On Sunday, Ben passed his Eagle Board of Review. Ben planned and organized the planting of trees at Barney Park for his Eagle Project. They were much needed for shade near the ball park. Ben is our fifth son to attain the rank of Eagle and we are so pleased that he has chosen to strive for this goal.

On Tuesday, we flew to Utah with Ben and helped him move into his apartment at Heritage Halls, in Provo, where he will be attending Brigham Young University. He will attend for one year before he leaves for his Mission next Fall.

On Thursday, our son, Brian, passed his Eagle Board of Review, making him our sixth and last son to attain the rank of Eagle. Brian organized a Food Drive for the United Food Bank in Mesa.
He and Ben worked together to get all the paperwork for their Eagle rank in and we're so happy that they were able to achieve this goal at the same time.

We are so proud of all our boys for having participated in the Scouting program. We feel it has been a blessing in their lives in helping to shape them into men of integrity, strength and courage. A big thank you to all of their scout leaders, young men leaders, teachers and anyone else who has had a hand in helping them to reach their goals and becoming the people they are!

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  1. That's awesome! I love seeing Brian every day. He's a cool kid. Like his mama.